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Home Cleaning Services by our Maid Service

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Standard Cleaning* - Realtors Service - Move In/Out Cleaning - Custom Tailored Deep Cleaning - Spring Cleaning - Apartment Cleaning Services - Event Clean Up - Office Cleaning

*Standard Cleaning - we perform the following tasks each visit: BATHROOMS - basins,tubs,tile,tracks,vanity tops,metal fixtures,toilets,mirrors,floors,showers and shower doors. KITCHEN - countertops,sinks,appliances,stove (everything moveable) microwave (in and out),refrigerators (top and front),oven (outside),floor vacuumed/washed. ROOMS - furniture dusted and polished, light fixtures,mini-blinds dusted, window sills, baseboards duster, cobwebs, fingerprints removed, carpets vacuumed, floors cleaned, empty all wastebaskets. ALTERNATING TASKS(one choice per visit) - furniture vacuuming, baseboard washing, kitchen cabinets polished. EXTRA TASKS(additional charge) - inside of refrigerator and oven cleaning, window washing house clean.

Main Cleaning Areas

Bathroom Cleaning - Maid Profesional
  • Bathrooms - and laundry

We clean countertops, basins, faucets, mirrors, tub and surrounding areas. Our cleaning team will clean the tile, the inside and outside of the shower door(s), sanitize the toilet inside and out and vacuum and mop the floor.

Maid Service IL - The Best Quality Maids IL
  • Rooms - sleeping and living areas

We dust every surface that juts out, including window sills, dust hanging picture frames, mirrors, furniture .Our professional team will go thorough vacuuming starting with dusting the light fixture, wipe clean the table, chairs and other furniture. and floors.

 Cleaning Lady in Kitchen
  • Kitchen - eating areas

We clean all countertops and small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc.) then clean inside and outside of the microwave, cabinets, kitchen table and chairs. We'll finish by vacuuming and mopping.

Windows Cleaning - Maid Service
  • Custom Services - for your needs

Additional services are available with a our cleaning service . Please call us for detail

Reasons to You Choose us

• big companies always send different and strange, inexperienced people • we have your near neighbors in our service • we are local and have been cleaning in your town for many years with experience knowledge of all your personal cleaning needs • English speaking team • we don't rush we take the time to finish all that we agreed with you to do • the same team always cleans your house.
You get the best Quality for the best Price
You will receive consistent high quality service week-after-week for the best price. We'll beat our competitors' prices.
Vacation, plan change, emergency cleaning, last minutes cleaning etc - NO PROBLEM.

Our Service Area

  •  Call us to verify service in your city
    Cleaning Services Service Map.